ZENITH 3D Printer

Excellent quality Wax-Up, Dental model, surgical guide and clear aligner is made accurately with the excellent precision by ZENITH 3D Printer.

Convenient operationZENITH features a convenient one-touch operation system with an exclusive software which is very easy to operate.

Wide range of application.

You can apply the output of ZENITH in various range,? such as surgical guide, clear aligner, dental model and so on.

Ultrafast speed, Excellent quality, Convenient operation, Maximize cost savings, Wide range of application

LUVIS L200 Medical LED

that Produces the Optimum Medical Environment with Shadow less Effects of Comparative Advantage Maximization of shadow less effects through sensors Detachable main handle and convenient sub handles
Production of optimal pattern with individual lenses Full HD Camera option 6-level intensity and pattern control function

Non Invasive Hemodynamic Monitor (CO, SV, SVR, SVV, TFC, and EF) which represent (Flow, Contractility, Fluid, Ejection Fraction and Resistance) This state of the art and break through technology product is becoming now the standard of care in many leading and famous hospitals around the world the ICON provides the doctors and healthcare team with a variety of very important parameters (SV, COP, SVR, SVV, TFC, and TF) which they used to have some of them through invasive complicated techniques. These are very important parameters while diagnosing and treating critical patients in ICU, CCU, O.R. AND ER And not only these, but the device also provide information about the amount of fluids in the body, contractility of the heart preload, some other timing parameters for the heart in brief, the ICON gives excellent data trending and beat by beat information in completely Non Invasive way, very east to use in 2 minutes time about (Flow, Fluid, Contractility and Resistance) for every patient And if every doctor knows the above parameters about every patient he is treating, it becomes to take decisions quickly and manage patients in the right way

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Dental Implants

Improvement of initial penetration function and self-tapping with implementation of sharp apex Improvement of initial fixation with implementation of tapered top Smooth implantation and short time in implantation with Double Thread Screw Easy control of implantation depth with Straight Body Prevention of osteonecrosis with Open Thread